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January 26, 2022

4 Benefits of Using a Recruiter for HR Professionals

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4 Benefits of Using a Recruiter for HR Professionals


Many companies utilize an internal HR team or professional to manage their hiring needs, while others work with specialized recruiting agencies. While both options offer specific advantages, more and more organizations are choosing to combine internal and external efforts for a more comprehensive approach to hiring. Whether your business is scaling quickly and hiring several candidates or in need of a single professional, recruitment firms can be an invaluable resource. Here are a few of the ways a professional recruiting agency can help your Human Resources team. 


  1. Recruiters will save your business time. Partnering with an outside firm can help you save time and effort by sourcing, screening, and vetting candidates on behalf of your company. The best agencies have an intimate understanding of your industry, company culture, and hiring priorities. By eliminating the candidates who aren’t the right fit for your team, recruiters allow you to spend time meeting only the most highly qualified professionals for your position. 


  1. Recruiters have an extensive candidate pool. Most agencies, especially those with a large recruitment team, are in contact with hundreds of candidates each week. They have access to candidates who otherwise might not be aware of your company and/or your open job opportunities. In fact, most candidates placed in high level positions by recruiting firms are not actively looking for a new job; they are passively open – particularly to opportunities offering something that is lacking in their current position. Because recruiting firms are not employees of your company, they can contact candidates who are currently employed without the potential negative optics.


  1. Recruiters offer additional resources. The best agencies are well informed on current hiring trends, salary ranges, benefit packages, and other factors that can make your offer more competitive. They will help streamline the negotiating and hiring process and reduce the likelihood of any last minute unexpected issues. Recruiters will also act as your consultant during the process and provide solutions and insights to ensure success. 


  1. Partnering with recruiters can increase retention. By providing access to a larger, better-qualified candidate pool, recruiters allow your team the opportunity to hire the best available talent. Candidates who work with recruiters are often better informed about available positions and are more likely to stay long term when they do make a career move. Organizations who partner with the same recruiting agency long term will often find that they are able to increase employee retention by hiring candidates who are the best fit for their unique culture. 


Overall, partnering with a recruiting firm can help your team save time, energy, and the resources required to fill open positions within your company. By allowing recruiters to take over the workload of finding new talent, HR managers can focus on other priorities like onboarding and ensuring that new hires are set up for a successful start in their new career. 


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