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May 24, 2022

Introducing MedModel: A New Injection Training Resource

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Medical aesthetics is a constantly changing space with new products and treatments, evolving techniques, and ever-changing beauty trends. Even the most experienced injectors want to refine their skill set and continue learning. MedModel is a new model database founded by Jen Handler, a medical aesthetics industry vet.


MedModel has a large database of diverse and available models near you. You simply log in, select the filters for the model you are looking for, and search. You can chat with models and book directly from the platform. Handler spent the past 10 years in medical aesthetic sales and saw first-hand how difficult and time-consuming model selection can be. MedModel streamlines the process.  Here are a few tips from Jen on how to maximize a training session with MedModel.


  1. Select the Right Model

    • How many times have you booked a dream trainer only to struggle to find a model for the training session?  Choosing the right model is paramount for a successful training.  When choosing a model, you should ask her the following questions:
      • Are they interested in having the specific area you’re learning about treated? Inform models what a training sounds like and what specifically is expected of them.  Show them some before and after photos of others who have beautiful results.
      • When were you last treated with injectable wrinkle reducers or facial fillers? If they’ve been treated within the past 12 months, you should consider utilizing a different model.
      • Can I use your photos on social media? Providing a free treatment should come with the small cost of allowing photos on social channels.  Explain to models that you can obscure identifying features and crop the image so only the treated area shows.
    • MedModel’s database is filterable and will locate models within a 50-mile radius of your location.  MedModel’s YouTube channel is also a great tool to direct potential models to learn about what trainings entail.  They have videos that show what a training sounds like and has testimonials from actual models receiving treatment.
  2. Prioritize Your Goals for the Training

    • There are so many things to learn in medical aesthetics that it’s best to keep training goals laser focused.  If you have time to treat two models decide which skills, you want to focus on for this session.  Are you interested in refining a lip technique?  Perhaps you want to learn the art of a beautiful tear trough?  Setting these goals in advance will help you get more out of your training and select the perfect model.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice

    • Speak with your product representative about obtaining product to practice your new skills. Most sales reps will work with you to support additional product for practicing. Set aside a ½ day immediately after the training to bring in 5-7 models to practice your new skill and cement your learnings. Traditionally, finding one model can be challenging let alone 7, thankfully MedModel can help locate several models in your area to ensure you’re able to practice on a diverse group of patients and master your new skills.
  4. Utilize Practice Sessions for Social Media Content

    • Speak with models about utilizing their images on social media. Training sessions can be opportunities to create hundreds of dollars’ worth of social media content. Some ideas are:
      • Before and after photos
      • Patient testimonials
      • Tik Tok videos with the educator
      • Time Lapse Video of the entire process
      • Utilizing the facial muscle filter on Instagram to show exactly what you’re treating under the skin
    • MedModel has a filter on their searchable database that allows you to see models in your area who have indicated they are ok with their photos being shared on social media making the conversation with them easier.
  5. Convert Models Into Paying Patients

    • Models often receive a treatment and leave the office never to return. Converting training models can be very lucrative. Patients who use injectable wrinkle reducer and facial fillers spend ~ $2,000 a year in practices. If you convert just 2 patients per month it could result in an additional ~ $70,000 a year in revenue! MedModel’s founder recommends the following tips for converting these models into patients:
      • Offer models a discount off of their next treatment in your office.
      • Sign models up for a patient loyalty program like Allē or Aspire.
      • Offer patients a gift bag that includes skincare from your office, a facial with your esthetician (if available), and a coupon book for future treatments.
      • Book a 2 week follow up for after photos incentivized by a skincare gift.
    • Choosing the right model and bringing them into your practice not only ensures your skills are always sharp, but it can also be a huge revenue generator for your office. MedModel is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York. You can learn more about MedModel at Create an account to start finding the perfect models. Enter the code ‘jobsnob’ at checkout to receive your first month for free!

Have questions? Check out MedModel on Instagram @themedmodel or on YouTube. Still curious? Email [email protected].

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