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April 4, 2022

7 Ways to Hire and Retain an Aesthetic Injector for your Practice

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One of the most common pain points we hear among practice owners and hiring managers in the aesthetics industry, is how difficult it is to hire and retain great Aesthetic Injectors. Are they the right fit for the culture of my practice? Do they have the skill set we need? From the first introduction to an employee’s annual work anniversary at a practice, there are intricacies along the way which can lead to lasting professional relationships if approached the correct way.


As the industry’s premier recruiting agency, the Job Snob team felt it was important to share some best practices to help with the hiring process, from “nice to meet you,” to “we’ll see you tomorrow!”


  1. Know the laws that govern your state

Because the laws for providers vary from state to state, consult an attorney who specializes in Medical Aesthetics that can advise you on what treatments can be performed by a Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner (NP), and/or Physician Assistant (PA) specific to your area.  Make sure your Aesthetic Injector candidate search aligns with the appropriate provider type for the menu of services you offer or are planning to offer in the future.


  1. Understand the needs of your practice

Before you begin the hiring process, it’s important to consider several factors pertaining to the logistics of your future Aesthetic Injector. For example, what personality type(s) will work best with your existing staff? What are the days, hours, benefits, and compensation for this role? Will he/she be required to utilize lasers and other energy devices, and if so, what percent of time is spent on injecting versus these other modalities? Do you require an injector who also has a high level of sales acumen or is another team member responsible for consultations and sales? Defining the needs of your practice from the beginning will help you hire the most qualified candidates. 


  1. Sell the opportunity through a well crafted job description

Your job description should not only provide details about the job requirements and ideal candidate, it should also highlight your company culture, brand position, values, and industry differentiators. It’s also important to set well-defined expectations about the Aesthetic Injector role for which you are looking to hire. This should be a healthy balance of all the exciting aspects of the position coupled with tactical day-to-day requirements. This will help to avoid any miscommunication about expectations before and after a hire is made. Make sure to include any fringe benefits of the position as well as a career pathway for promotional opportunities. 


Be thoughtful about how you share compensation information. While many employers will offer  “competitive salary based on experience”, providing information around the compensation structure (hourly or salary + bonuses) is helpful. Be sure that the hiring manager is ready to discuss clear parameters defining what factors will affect the compensation range you pay an Aesthetic Injector.


  1. Make the compensation package attractive and competitive 

Common reasons Aesthetic Injectors may seek alternative employment opportunities include having a poorly designed compensation plan, or because they’ve maximized earning potential with a current employer. The pay structure for this role should align with the market rate for your area, the amount of experience an Aesthetic Injector has, and additional value-adds that he or she may bring to your practice.


Remember that the right balance between revenue and earnings means that as an Aesthetic Injector’s pay increases, so will the profitability of the practice. For more information on compensation statistics for your market, create or update your profile on to receive a complementary copy of our upcoming 2022 market compensation report.


Make sure that everyone involved in the interview process is well versed and able to discuss additional value-add benefits available to employees. If you don’t offer health benefits but employees have access to complementary treatments, for example, make sure to include that. Is the schedule flexible? Do you offer advanced career training or access to thought leaders? Do you regularly host catered lunches? These are all factors that will enrich the overall compensation package, so paint the whole picture and don’t undersell your work environment. 


  1. Define an interview process that reflects your practice. 

Aesthetic Injectors are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. It’s important to handle the process in a professional, structured manner because this provides candidates a glimpse of what it’s like to work within your organization. Alternatively, this is the time for you to learn about an Aesthetic Injector’s previous experience, their approach to patient assessments, injection techniques that they use most, and if he or she is a team player. Make sure you ask knowledgeable and well thought out questions (consider using the STAR interview format). Also, have your interview steps defined before you begin the process (i.e. initial phone screen followed by a face to face interview, etc.) In some practices, allowing other team members to participate in the interview can also be helpful when ultimately integrating your new hire into the practice. 


  1. Establish a career growth path for all employees

Employee retention is one of the biggest threats to businesses throughout the nation. One way for businesses to keep employees satisfied and committed is through employee growth and professional development. Take a proactive approach and have a written plan for career growth for all of your employees, including Aesthetic Injectors. Create tangible tasks that can be accomplished in order to grow within your organization. Encourage shadowing, mentoring, and attending advanced training opportunities. Make sure you have annual reviews in place and are providing real-time feedback to assess the things that are working and discuss areas of opportunity.


  1. Don’t leave candidates hanging!

Whether you are deciding to move forward with a candidate or not, do them the courtesy of letting them know where they stand as soon as possible. The interview process causes a great deal of anxiety for many candidates, and companies who are respectful enough to provide quick feedback earn a better reputation within the very intimate Medical Aesthetic industry. If you are working with a recruiting agency, this is often something they will take care of for you. 


How Job Snob Can Help


With a team of Medical Aesthetic recruiters actively filling positions across the nation, Job Snob has become the industry’s premier recruiting partner. Third party recruiters are experts in connecting qualified candidates with open positions and have a broad network of candidates for many roles. Recruiters also have a foundational understanding of the reality of the market and can help you look objectively at what you need, as well as when to pass versus when to make an offer.


Partnering with a company like Job Snob that specializes in Medical Aesthetics is key to hiring in this industry. It means they understand the intricacies of each role within a practice, which is important when speaking to candidates, particularly Aesthetic Injectors. They can play a role in persuading candidates that your company is a great opportunity, while also determining which candidate is the best fit for your practice.


For more information on how to improve the hiring process at your practice or questions about working with a third party Medical Aesthetic recruiting agency, contact the Job Snob team today.

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