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April 27, 2022

Job Snob Founders Discuss Medical Aesthetic Hiring Trends and Hot Topics

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Job Snob co-founders Kipper Doughty and Bree Black respond to several key questions to provide their expert advice on navigating an ever-changing market in the medical aesthetic industry.



Why use a recruiter vs. LinkedIn or Indeed?

JS: LinkedIn and Indeed can be good tools for finding candidates in some industries, but our clients lean on us in favor of these platforms for several reasons. The majority of qualified candidates we place are not actively looking for new positions. They are considered passive candidates who may be open to specific opportunities, but they aren’t out there actively applying for jobs. Additionally, many experienced candidates, particularly on the provider side, don’t have profiles on Linkedin or other platforms, and if they do, they aren’t regularly engaging with them. A good amount of time and training is also required to use platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed effectively, and many of our practices simply don’t have the time or resources to invest in these platforms. The practices that do have a dedicated internal Human Resources team tell us that their HR employees are so busy with current employees that they often can’t allocate a significant amount of time toward recruiting.




What are some industry trends that you see in different parts of the country?

JS: Many of the trends we see are related to the unique legal landscape that varies significantly from state to state. The greatest differences are related to issues like what kind of provider can fire a laser, inject neurotoxin and filler, what specialties are eligible to be a medical director, and how many clinics a medical director can oversee. States with more conservative laws may have more limited candidate pools for providers. Another trend we are seeing is an increase in private equity-funded groups with aggressive growth trajectories. All signs lead to continued momentum within this already thriving industry.




What are top candidates looking for right now in order to make a career change?

JS: We hear from a good deal of candidates who are looking for a better work/life balance in order to make a change. Perhaps COVID was a driver for this, but quality of life considerations are equally important as compensation for most employees. Benefits are also playing a more central role than ever before. For positions like aesthetic injectors, where we have a low supply of talent relative to demand, candidates are becoming more savvy around negotiating things like PTO, work hours, 401-K, health benefits, and continuing education. 

Finally, we can’t say enough about how important company culture is. If a company is lacking in the culture department, even the best recruitment team can’t help attract or retain top talent.



Has covid and the new way of hybrid working changed the aesthetics industry?

JS: During COVID we saw more practices embrace virtual consultations, and many of them have continued to offer this as an option to patients. For providers who see and treat patients, there will always be the need for direct contact, but we have seen many practices encouraging providers to complete administrative type tasks remotely.



Are candidates now more open to relocating for a job or specific industry?

JS: Yes, definitely more than before. During COVID we heard from a lot of candidates who were interested in relocating, particularly from some of the larger, more heavily populated cities like Los Angeles and New York. We also have candidates reaching out because they are interested in relocating to a specific geographic region if “the right position” were to become available.



What makes Job Snob different from other recruiters?

JS: We are the first and only recruiting agency & job board that is exclusively dedicated to medical aesthetics, which means we have the most comprehensive candidate database in the industry. Job Snob also uses a team approach, and our recruiters all come from the industry – both the aesthetic sales (manufacturer) side and practice side. Our clients tell us that working with a team who understands the nuances of the industry is a game changer.



What is the turnaround time from engagement to job placement?

JS: Right now our average time to fill a position is between 45-60 days. If we have a client who requires a very rare skill set or is located in a more rural area, that can of course change. The process moves more quickly if the client is responsive and provides candid feedback in a timely manner.



How do you find the best talent?

JS: We have a very specific signature process from beginning to end that sets us apart. This entails a mix of referrals from industry contacts, direct applicants from our robust nationwide database, sourcing with our proprietary AI, and good old fashioned networking. Everything from whom we correspond with to how we communicate is constantly being tested, tweaked, and perfected to ensure the best outcome. Our most valuable asset, however, is our team of talented people who work tirelessly to find the best candidates for our clients and visa versa.



Why does good talent leave?

JS: Culture, as we discussed previously, is huge! Some companies compensate well above industry standards, yet they don’t have great employee retention. Other than that, lack of ongoing training and developmental opportunities, flexibility, benefits, and of course compensation are among the top reasons.



How can a practice partner with Job Snob for the most successful outcome?

JS: Give us timely feedback when we submit candidates! This is one of the best ways to keep everything moving forward. Also, our clients should have a clear plan in place on their end, including who on the practice side is responsible for each step. And finally, let Job Snob help during the offer process. With the exception of a few circumstances, our preference is to be highly involved prior to a written offer being extended. This helps eliminate unexpected surprises on both sides and will streamline the entire process. 


For more information on industry trends or questions about working with a third party Medical Aesthetic recruiting agency, contact the Job Snob team today.

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